February Crush

Bermuda loves learning new things. She wanted to become an entertainer because she thought it would be a great opportunity full of fun experiences.
As a GLOvation team member she loves go go dancing, and her favorite props are the S-staffs, pixel whip, and lazer gloves!
Her favorite summertime activities include swimming, dancing, and she loves to sing year round.


  • S-Staff
  • Pixel Whip
  • Model
  • Promo Model
  • Go Go Dancer
  • Fan Veils
  • Isis Wings

Entertainment Highlights

  • Chasers for GLOvation, Pixel Whip
  • The Ination, Go Go Dancing
  • Blue Crow Talent, Go Go Dancing
  • Toledo Rave 7 for GLOvation, Laser Glove Go Go Dancing and Pixel Whip
  • Old West End Festival for GLOvation,  Fan Veils and Isis Wings