February Crush

Ecko's entertainment journey started with the spark of excitement and electricity of flow art and dance. She has always wanted to venture into performing for a crowd and learning more to add to the mix of entertainment. So, she joined GLOvation.

Ecko's s favorite props include the hula hoop and Veil Poi. She is also honing in on go go dancing and belly dancing. In the summer she loves finding places that allow her to use her flow skills.

Wheather among nature, festivals, or indoors, as long as the location allows her to increase skills and  influence a positive mindset.


  • Hula hoop
  • Vail poi
  • Go go dancing
  • Modeling
  • Makeup artist

Experience Highlights

  • West Side Montessori with GLOvation, Feather Balancing/ Hula Hooping/  show assistant