GLOvation's February Crush

Meet your new crushes (Click photos to learn more)



Haku has always had a passion for dancing and music. He first started his journey into flow art when he was 18 by making his own props, before he even knew what flow was.

His props of choice are the rope dart and a prop called "orbs".

When Haku isn't working on his flow skills he enjoys being a DJ or playing his guitar.

Julie Marie

Photo by Artist X

Julie's performance journey started off as just something she did for fun and shortly turned it into a career choice.

Her favorite prop is the hula hoop.

Her favorite festival is between Electric Forest and Resonance, and in her free time she enjoys singing.

Kali Rockafellow


Kali's journey started with being inspired by other performers at music festivals and circuses.

Her favorite prop is the hula hoop and her favorite festival is Electric Forest.

In her free time she loves to go on adventures and finding new experiences.



Estelle started her journey in high school, being apart of the color guard for 4 years, 2 seasons of competitive guard, and 2 years of coaching her own color guard and still going!

Her favorite prop is swing flags or really anything to do with silks.

In her free time she enjoys video games, drawing, going dancing with friends, and going to Cedar Point when they have the aerial shows.

L Boogie


L Boogie started her journey of being a performer years ago. After just over a year of hooping for fun she started gaining a lot of attention for her hula hoop skills. Shortly after she would get ask to perform for parties and teach classes. "I just wanted bigger and bigger."

"I love hooping. Its a way of life. I am a Hooper before anything else. But I love to flow with silk fans"

Her top 3 festivals include, Midwest Reggae festival, Hippie Fest, and Electric Forest. 

In her free time she also enjoys camping, visiting her home in Florida, playing and hang with my children, and making music.

Jaysean Silver


Ever since Jaysean was young he has loved the concept of stage performance and entertaining in front of a live audience, with the circus being at the center. He first started using flow tools when he was 14 and got his first pair of nunchucks. After moving to Bowling Green Ohio and seeing the flow art community there he realized wanted to have a career in circus and flow art. Jaysean's biggest role model in the flow community is ken hill. 

His favorite props are the nunchucks, and he loves being a roaming performer because he can interact more closely with guests.

In his free time he enjoys practicing his craft, enjoying the outdoors, he loves to read, and watch classic moves. Jaysean also enjoys altering and designing clothes.



 Ecko's entertainment journey started with the spark of excitement and electricity of flow art and dance. She has always wanted to venture into performing for a crowd and learning more to add to the mix of entertainment. So, she joined GLOvation.

Ecko's s favorite props include the hula hoop and Veil Poi. She is also honing in on go go dancing and belly dancing.
In the summer she loves finding places that allow her to use her flow skills.
Wheather among nature, festivals, or indoors, as long as the location allows her to increase skills and  influence a positive mindset.




Bermuda loves learning new things and becoming an entertainer because she thought it would be great opportunity full of fun experiences.

as a GLOvation team member she loves go go dancing, and her favorite props are the S-staffs, pixel whip, and lazer gloves! 

Her favorite summertime activities include swimming, dancing, and she loves to sing year round.

Brittany Loren


Brittany Loren's journey into the arts and entertainment is a long story, but essentially it came from the desire for freedom and adventure.

Although she is well versed in many props, her top 3 favorites are the hula hoop (her first love), aerial acrobatics, and stilt walking.

In her free time Brittany enjoys training, traveling, and warm beaches.