Fire, Fire, and more FIRE!

Keeping it safe and professional

Safety is our number 1 priority!  When you book your fire event with us, not only are you getting a quality event, but you'll also have peace of mind.

We pride ourselves in our fire education and training.  Our fire staff is trained by a licensed Flame Effects Exhibitor, ensuring that all performers will have safety at the forefront of their minds with all events.

Each event we do will be insured, which includes a trained fire performer and one or more fire safeties.  The fire safety members will ensure that if anything goes unplanned in the performance, both the fire performer and your guests will remain safe.

GLOvation has a variety of fire options

From eating fire to breathing it, fire hula hoops to fire staffs, fire sword fights to hand-made fire tools, GLOvation has it all!

Fire Fan Dance

This video of Brittany Loren was taken at The Ination in Bowling Green, OH during one of their special events. Although she keeps her more flashy performances for the bigger events hosted, she is always present on Wednesday nights hula hooping or dazzling the audience with one of her other LED visual tools.

Fire Rope Dart!

See this in person and be blown away by the beautiful shooting star visuals!