Fire Arts

Why GLOvation is the best choice

Here at GLOvation we take fire performing very seriously. All of our fire artists are insured and we have a pyrotechnic licensee on our team for fire permits, which  many do not know is required in the state of Ohio. Any fire performance without a proper license and permit is illegal and participants and hosts can be fined around $1,000 for doing it illegally.  In order to be approved to perform with fire, our team members go through a lot of training. Skills, safety, knowing the laws. We have training multiple times a month as well as encourage online education and in house training from outside professional fire instructors.

That is why GLOvation is the best choice for fire performing. We care about your safety and doing things right. We have two Pyrotechnicions on the team, "The Giant"  with years of  experience as a fire artist and Pyrotechnics license. "Raven" from The Raven effects, who has been in the pyrotechnics industry longer than many of us have been entertainers. This license requires continual fire education and allows them to file proper paperwork for permits to perform. All of our fire artists must be approved by our Pyrotechnics before they can perform in front of an audience.

Each fire department district has different requirements and costs for  approving and performing with fire. It is the clients responsibility to cover the costs of the permit fees.

Hiring a Fire Artist


Variety and Amazement

Fire arts has a wide range of possibilities, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide the best options for your event! We offer performers for events as small as a private birthday party to as big as a five plus person choreographed fire performance for large scale festivals. We also have a variety of performance styles from fire clowning to high end fire. We have a fit for you.

Fire Eating, Fire Fans, Fire lyra

This is Brittany Loren, one of our fire artists. The fire lyra is an aerial apparatus infused with fire to bring a new twist to a elegant yet death defying act.