About GLOvation

This is only part of the GLOvation team

Who is GLOvation?

GLOvation is a group of specialty performers who each have their unique style and background.  Although we may be different individually, our passion for this beautiful industry has brought us together.  It is our differences that really makes us a great team.  It allows us to bounce ideas off of each other to bring new and fresh events, and it helps us grow as individuals and as a team.

We strive for joy and excitement wherever we go, bringing experiences and leaving unforgettable memories.  Our team dreams big and makes those dreams a reality!

~ This is my flow family ~

Bird's Eye View Circus at the Old West End festival 2016. Photo credit, www.jbakstudios.com

Education is key

GLOvation has a big emphasis on education.  We bring in educators from all over to insure we have the freshest techniques and to let our entertainers explore a variety of options.

Education for us goes further than our team members.  We love to educate others as well and enjoy holding events where you, your work team, or your children and their friends can also learn flow arts like hula hooping, juggling, and much more!  We also team up with local Toledo circus school Bird's Eye View Circus School, who host a variety of classes for all ages as young as 8!  See their website at www.birdseyeview.com.