The Giant


  • Flag Poi
  • LED Dancing
    • Poi
    • Staff
  • Fire Arts
    • Sword(s)
    • Poi
    • Dragon Staff
    • Hydra Staff
    • Goblin
    • Fire Snakes

Experience Highlights

  • Wtol Channel 11, Fire Dancing, Toledo Ohio
  • Festival of Fire, Fire Arts, Zane Shawnee Caverns
  • Levis Commons Fine Art Fair, Fire Arts, Perrysburg Ohio
  • Artistry in Motion, Fire Arts, Dayton Ohio

A True Professional

The Giant is the head of our Pyrotechnics department. All of our fire performers must be approved by him before their first fire performance. He has a very high standard for fire as he has been in the fire community for over five years, and he owns an Ohio Pyrotechnic License. This license required continuing education, a background check, and a lot of knowledge on fire safety and laws.

We are very lucky to have him!

Duo Fire Swords

Levis Commons Fine Art Fair 2018

Hydra Staff


The Giant in the Festival of Fire 2K18 showcase